Apr 21, 2021

I would like to talk about something that is really close to my heart as it has played a major role in my own process of deep soul-level healing and transformation.

Today’s topic is how to deepen our ability to fully trust and surrender instead of living so rigidly in survival mode. I believe from my own maturation experience and from almost two decades of coaching and training that trust is at the core of our ability to be able to allow our transformation to occur. When you have a deeply rooted relationship that is based on trust, anything becomes possible and you will be able to infinitely release what is no longer serving you. In this way, you will be able to soften and surrender into the process of your own maturation.

My invitation to you today is to consciously start to look at your relationship with trust – Trust in a higher power that is greater than yourself.

We simply cannot let go of our habits and patterns developed over the years and the way we’ve been living our lives if we don’t trust in something bigger than us because these are all we’ve known – they are our survival guides.

If we are genuinely committed to our maturation journey, and allowing ourselves to heal with the intention of welcoming a new emergence of ourselves, we have to revisit our relationship to trust and create a new one of absolute knowing that there is a higher power to guide and help us.

Many people have a tenuous relationship with trust and have so much trouble letting go of control. Most people can’t even imagine letting go of complete control and surrendering. I’d like to emphasise that there is nothing wrong or bad with this as we have been conditioned since our very early days to think that we should always have complete control, know everything, do better, be better, do everything ourselves as we are the only ones to have our own backs etc whether at school, religion or society in general.

The first step to fully trusting is to be willing to let that programming go and come up with something that works for you and is aligned with YOUR truth and authenticity.

When I started my own healing journey 21 years ago, I was taught to create a new relationship with trust, something that felt safe and was unconditional whether I did the right things or the wrong things – whether I behaved well or didn’t behave well. I had to know that this power would love me no matter what.

I can honestly say that my relationship with a higher power has been my anchor through ALL of my healing and I can fully trust that something infinitely greater than me has got me.

What has this belief achieved? I now have something unshakable that allows me to be brave enough to let go, to be courageous enough to feel pain and be able to sit with it and allows me to create changes and take risks knowing that something infinitely powerful and unconditionally loving is holding space for me.

So let’s get honest with the relationship we have with source right now.

There is no right or wrong – the only thing that matters is that it feels authentic to you.

I invite you to look at your current relationship with source now – I promise you that it is getting in the way and defining your relationship to trust in the process of healing and growth.

Once we see what relationship is there, we can start to let that go and re-write one that works for us. The invitation is for you to create a relationship with the power that guides you that is unconditional for you and that can be anything you want and feels right for you.

By developing this unique personal and intimate relationship with trust, you will be able to shift your perception of your journey – one of trying to have a handle of everything to a process of surrendering what is getting in the way. Because once you surrender what is getting in the way, what is already there and authentic will have the space to birth through, because that is the nature of creation.

When you find your mind gripping to the need to control, if you consciously invite surrender into this space, everything just loosens its grip and that starts to create spaciousness where life can flow easier.

To surrender is to live in a place of trust rather than fear – it is not a weakness or passive behaviour. It takes immense courage to surrender control.

I’d like to share with you 4 steps that you can revisit anytime you need to deepen your relationship with Source or the Higher Power that feels true to you so that you can allow your experience of letting go and surrendering to unfold for you.

  1. Write in your journal what your current relationship with trust is. Start with what is your current relationship with god or source or a higher power. Be as honest as possible. We cannot heal what we cannot see. So let’s reveal what is there first.
  2. When you look at the answers to Q1, where can you see past conditioning, ideas or beliefs in the way you trust in something higher? Write down as much on this as you can, to reveal how much of it is from conditioned minds.
  3. Are you ready to completely rewrite the story and recreate a brand new relationship with a higher source? If it is yes, let’s begin. Write down everything you need and want that would make you feel so safe, so loved, so held, so nourished, so unconditionally loved.
  4. Write down whether this would be coming from a more masculine energy or feminine energy. This can and should be completely autonomous to you. You get to choose and get to create this. When you’ve finished writing down EXACTLY what is aligned for YOU to feel loved and safe, please share it in the group to make it real.

Every single day I want to invite you to connect and communicate with this field/ force of unconditional love and support you have created. Speak to it, ask it for guidance, turn to it when you are stuck in stories of your past or if you’re struggling. This is now your higher power or spirit guide, or guardian, or divine love. Relationships must be nourished so spend time deepening this one every day.

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