Apr 11, 2017

About a month ago, I was starting to experience a real feeling of dis-ease in myself and my life. Everything on the outside was looking so good. My work was going really well. I have a beautiful loving family and a nourishing home. But inside I was feeling empty and craving something more. I didn’t really know what that was until one evening I sat down with my husband and we watched this incredible documentary “Minimalism”. As I watched it was like I had light bulb after light bulb of ‘ah ha’ moments going off in my head. I realised that our life had become like an automatic pilot plane. Every moment being filled with something – being busy, doing, watching TV, achieving. Getting stuck in this hamster wheel of life of consuming things, spending money, needing to earn more money and working too much. And my soul was longing for something more.

After watching this program, we switched it off and my husband and I turned to each other and shared that we had both been feeling the same thing. We decided there and then to put our TV away for a month. And to make some changes in how we were living. Instead of buying stuff we thought we needed, we would really assess whether we needed them and see if there were other nourishing ways to take care of our needs. Instead of automatically turing on the TV each evening because we were knackered and wanting relaxation we turned the music on and sat together and actually talked to each other. Space was beginning to appear in our life where we didn’t know there was any. And we were beginning to connect together as a family in a much deeper and less ‘default’ way.

This documentary is a very powerful watch. And so I wanted to share it with you! Watch it! Ironically on TV! But it is worth it. With that I will leave you with one of the main quotes from this program:


Love you. To watch the movie, click here.
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