Mar 25, 2017
Natural Healing

Here we are right bang in the middle of my favourite season…Summer! And even though the weather may not ALWAYS be perfect, do you notice there seems to be more of an overall feeling of love and open heartedness throughout this season? Much much more than in Winter, that is for sure. In Oriental Medicine, every season is connected to one of the Five Elements – Earth, Metal, Water, Tree and Fire.
And guess which element is the element of Summer?

It’s Fire!Summer is all about the Fire Energy, which makes sense with more heat, sun and light shining down on us.  And it is the Fire Element that governs our Hearts.Without even knowing anymore information have you noticed how much more open we feel when it gets warmer?  We come out of our slumps from the colder months and feel more loved up, happier, joyful, wanting to be more social? That is because our Heart and Fire Energy is coming alive again.  The Season of Summertime is naturally boosting our Fire Energy to flow more abundantly and allow our Hearts to open more and for more of our Heart Energy to flow through our lives.When our Fire Energy is flowing well in a healthy balanced way we feel positive, joyful and social often.  We are able to connect through our hearts with others and have a clear sense of play and creativity alive within us. We have a good flow of passion and are able to connect to the dreamer within us to manifest our dreams into reality. Health wise naturally we have healthy hearts.

But, these qualities are from the ideal and often the reality of our lives don’t match up.

Signs that our Fire Energy is stuck or stagnant are:
We feel stuck in our lives and struggle to connect to a bigger dream or vision
We feel like hiding or isolating and find social settings exhausting or a drain
We struggle to connect through our hearts and feel more sadness and negativity and a heaviness throughout our lives

Here are some of the biggest culprits that cause our Fire Energy to get stuck and stagnant:

Eating excess meat, salt & oily foods  in our diet
Overworking and over responsibility throughout our lives
Too much seriousness
Heart Break or Heart Broken (either current or from our past unhealed)
Pushing ourselves through and not listening to our needs
Lack of rest, play, joy and fun

If on the other hand you feel that your Fire Enegy is flowing over-abundantly and you feel out of balance.

You may notice symptoms like this:

Feeling ungrounded, dreamy, chaotic and unrooted
Constant noise and worry rushing around in your head
Anxiety & Panic
Sluggish muscles
Low immune system and over-active central nervous system
Feeling of over-stimulation, busyness, can’t rest, can’t be slow, can’t be still
Consuming excess Caffeine, Cocoa, Alcohol, Spices or Tropical Fruits.

If you identify with any of the above signs maybe you need to give your heart some love and care.

Here are great tips on helping our Fire Energy to flow more freely in a balanced way:

Reducing meat, salt and oily foods and eating plenty of vegetables, fruits and plant-based foods
Reducing Excess amounts Fire Foods
Reducing work and over-responsibility and creating more time for play, dreaming, joy, fun, and doing what you really LOVE
Connecting with others with intimacy, heart connection, where you can really be yourself
Listening more to your needs and taking good care of them
Receiving more touch, love, affection, and care
Getting support to heal your broken heart, releasing sadness and grief so you can let it go

Fire Energy foods are:

Raw Vegetables
Raw FruitsSo if this is you and your beautiful hearts need some care, Summer is such a great time to do it as we can utilise on the natural Fire Energy flowing through the season.  Take on some of the suggestions above and see how you start to feel, if you are not in a relationship ask friends for a hug or get a pet that you can cuddle all day long. I recently went swimming in North York Whatever it is, take some time to listen to your heart and start taking care of that magical Fire Energy within you.I hope you found this useful.So much love to you and your hearts

Nicky xFor those of you wanting to come work with me on healing your hearts my next Being In Heart Workshop is on Friday 15th September at 42 Acres Shoreditch.

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