Feb 14, 2017
My favourites

Every now and then I work with people who have done so much emotional work and they eat so well and even exercise regularly. And yet, something isn’t quite flowing… Something doesn’t seem free… And so I advise them to go and dance! When I first came back to the UK after living in the States, I was not in a good place in my life. I had lost my US home and visa and returned to no home and only two suitcases to my name. I felt lost and all I wanted to do was hide in my mothers house and watch TV. That was when a friend of mine told me about Five Rhythms Dance. She very lovingly told me about it, brought up a list of classes near where I was and told me… GO AND DANCE.

To be honest, I thought she was a bit bonkers. Why on earth would going dancing make the slightest bit of difference to what was going on in my life. But being lonely and lost with no other options, I did what she said and I went. I remember that first class like it was yesterday….when in fact it was 7 years ago now. I turned up and touched by the warmth and open heartedness of the other dancers in the room. Everyone so open, so friendly and so welcoming. There was definitely something different happening here. When the music started no one told me to follow any steps or told me a certain way I was meant to do this. The teacher just simply said to me:

“Come out of your head and in to your body. Let your body do the dancing”

And so I started to move…or my body did. The more I let my body move whatever way, the more I realised it knew exactly what it was doing. And the more I just let it do what it wanted to do the more free I felt.

The more energy I got.

And all the emotions stuck frozen inside me started to move.

I laughed, I cried, I shouted on that dance floor and because the music was so loud and everyone else was so busy focussing on themselves, no one noticed.

I felt liberated and free. After that class I went dancing every week for months… actually years. Unsurprisingly, as the energy started to flow again within me so did my life..I found a new home, I found a lovely job, and my new life started to find it’s way to me. 7 years later, I still love to dance whenever I can…and I can tell you…my body is always so grateful and thankful afterwards.

We live in a time where there are so many rules, so much responsibility and so much pressure. Our minds are working on overload all the time, even when we are trying so hard to be healthy! And all this does take it’s toll on how free we feel in ourselves and in our body. And our energy and creativity can really start to get stuck and stagnant. I could not recommend trying a Five Rhythms class out more. Five Rhythms is essentially a dance meditation. So your mind can be quiet and your body can become free. There are no fixed steps to learn and no routine.
There are Five Rhythms that you will dance through throughout the class and they call this a Wave.
One rhythm moving naturally into the next and the next, like the beautiful natural cycle of life and the seasons.


You will be surprised how naturally your body will want to move through each rhythm with being taught a single thing. Please try it out! To free your body, free up your energy, free up your creativity and free up your emotions. And freeing yourself.

And more than anything… It’s just REALLY REALLY FUN!!! There are classes all over the UK and London and a class every night somewhere in London. You can find London classes in this link:

If you Google Five Rhythms in your area, or near to it, I’m pretty sure something will come up. That’s how I first found mine! So go dance. Be free. And watch the magic start to flow through your life. Enjoy my Loves, Nx

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