Aug 1, 2016
Natural Healing

This exercise is so simple but I have found to be really effective. It can be done anywhere. At your desk at work, on the tube, at home, lying in bed. Anywhere.I find it extremely helpful in tuning into our deeper needs. I feel we spend so much time looking outside of ourselves to find the answer to what we want, but really if we took the time to just go inward and ask ourselves, the answer almost always comes.Whenever I teach this I get the same response from people…. “Why didn’t I just ask myself before” So simple.This is great to use when you have repeated intense food, drink or life cravings to get underneath and connect to what the deeper need is. Also, for anytime you feel like you’ve lost your balance and need to re-connect to yourselves.I hope you find it useful.


  1. Sit or lie comfortably. Preferably have both your feet on the ground with no shoes on so that you are connecting to the earth.
  2. Once your feet or body feel connected to the earth and grounded, place one hand on your lower belly (Just under your belly button). This is called the Hara in Japan and the root and core of our centre.
    And one hand on your heart.
  3. Now just breathe. Take a couple deep slow breathes…. In… and out.
    Try not to ‘try’ too hard. Just relax. Let the breathe come and let it go. Try not to push. Relax.
  4. Now once your breathe is relaxed and your feel a sense of quiet in yourself I want you to connect to whatever cravings or longing that has been coming up. Maybe it is a food, a drink, or man.
    Maybe there is nothing and you just feel lost.
    Whatever the longing or feeling is, just try to connect to it and breathe. Just breathe.
  5. Now ask yourself, internally to yourself: “What do I really need right now?” “What is it that I really want?”
  6. Now just sit quietly and listen to whatever comes up for you. What answers pop up? What words? What thoughts?
  7. Try not to judge what comes up. Try not to control it or ‘make sense’ of it. It may not make much sense. But your deeper knowing will understand.
  8. Just let the answers come to you and breathe. Keep breathing.
  9. When you feel ready and clear on what came to you, slowly bring your presence back to the room you are in and open your eyes.
  10. It is a good time now to do some journaling around what came to you and come up with an action plan on how you can give these things to you. Either immediately or in a longer term plan.

Some of the common answers that come up are:

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