Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip Nice Cream

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Preparation time: 10min plus 24hrs Freezing

Cooking time: 10min

SF, DF, GF, VG, Great for Kids

I don’t know about you but my daughter LOVES ice-cream.  And I mean really LOVES.  Somewhere, sometime ago I must have told her that we only have ice-cream when the sun is hot and shining bright, and it’s incredibly how kids remember things.  Because now, the moment the sun is hot and shining she tells me that today is a day for ice-cream.  How can you argue with that right?

The thought of feeding my daughter ice-cream, full of sugar and dairy, regularly during a hot summer spurt, leaves me very uncomfortable.  Almost instantly after lots of sugar and cream she gets mucusy and develops a cough.  So I decided it was in my best interest to learn how to make our own so I can make sure it is full of only the good stuff.  And leave the full dose version for occasional treats.

This recipe is super super simple you won’t believe it!  And only has a few simple natural ingredients inside.  Of course you don’t even need to have a child to enjoy this!  I would by lying if I didn’t say my hubby and I have been enjoying this recipe as much as anyone (maybe more).

All you need to do first is freeze you bananas.  And make sure you take their skins off first before putting them in the freezer, otherwise that skin is never coming off I promise you!  So get your peeled bananas in the freezer and leave for 24hrs.  Then come back and you’ll be ready to go!

Enjoy my loves

Love Nx


  • 4 Frozen Bananas
    200g Creamed Coconut
    400mls Hazelnut Milk or Coconut Milk
    150g Raw Cocoa Nibs or SF Chocolate Chips
    Pinch of Sea Salt
    3 Tbls Maple Syrup
    2 Vanilla Pods (Scraped) or 2 Tsp Vanilla Powder
    Fresh Strawberries, Raspberries, Peaches, Nectarines & Cherries
    Refined Sugar Free Cookies (I used store bought)

– Cut up your frozen bananas into small pieces and add them to a high speed food blender. You will need to use a high speed blender or food processor otherwise you just won’t get the creaminess that you’ll need.
– Add the remainder of the ingredients (besides the cocoa nibs) and blend till really creamy and smooth.
– Pour the mixture into a loaf tin or tray and mix in the cocoa nibs . Stir in will with a chopstick or spoon.
– Put in the freezer until really well set – usually 24hours.
– Once set take out, let it soften for 5min so you can scoop out easily and serve with fresh fruit and refined sugar-free cookies.
– Voila! Ready to serve! Enjoy x


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