Life-Changing Strawberry Mousse

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Preparation time: 15 min

Cooking time: 10 min

Setting time: 2hrs – 4hrs

SF, DF, GF, VG, Great for Kids

This recipe is one of my all time favourites and a regular in our fridge. You can change the fruit to one that is seasonal, depending on what time of year you are making it, but the rest of the recipe will stay the same.

This dessert is not only delicious but it is extremely medicinal and healing and has a low sugar content. In my view, this is the kind of dessert you can have daily (yes I said daily) and would not only help you stay in balance but actually relax you on all levels, inside and out.

So enjoy!

(Serves 5)

  • 875ml Apple Juice
  • 250g Strawberries (take off green heads)
  • 4 Tbls Agar Agar
  • 1-2 tbls Rice Syrup
  • 1 Pinch Sea Salt
  • ½ Jar Brown Rice/Millet or Oat Amasake


– In a medium pot add the apple juice, pinch of salt and agar flakes, bring to a boil and then turn heat down and simmer for approx. 5-8min until flakes look like they have dissolved
– Once flakes are all completely dissolved and the liquid is clear take off heat and add strawberries
– Blend so you have a lovely clear pink liquid
– Transfer to a large bowl, then leave to cool and put in the freezer to set. Should take approx. 1-2hours. You want it to become like a jelly but not ice
-Once set take out of fridge, add amasake to the jelly and blend all together with a hand blender.
-You want a light pink creamy mousse texture
-Serve into individual glasses or bowls with a slice of fresh strawberry or a mint leaf for garnish

Voila! A beautiful, delicious and healing dessert that has the power to change your energy!


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