My 3 Pillars

Our Relationship with Food and Nourishment

For me, the act of cooking something from scratch is one of the most nourishing, grounding and fundamental tools to emotional balance. When we can slow down enough to cook something from scratch, cutting vegetables, making stocks, cooking slowly and with presence, it can literally transform us, shift how we are feeling and help us become more present and grounded. We have to be in our body when we cook, so it forces us to connect to ourselves more and be in the moment.

The most important time to cook is exactly that moment when we don’t want to! I follow a predominantly plant-based diet 80% of the time and 20% of the time I eat whatever I want. I am not a vegan although I have been before. I don’t believe in dieting and I absolutely love food. I believe food should be nourishing, delicious, and savoured.

Our Relationship to Our Body

All our energy, all the life in us, all our power lives in our body. We can think, come up with ideas, mentally process life with our heads, but for me the body is where we can really make changes. So often I feel we disengage with our body because that is where we hold all our emotions and it can be uncomfortable to experience these, but taking time to connect more to our body each day is a fundamental tool to balanced empowered health.

And there is a difference between doing work ‘to’ our body and working ‘with’ our body. Some exercises are perfect ways to disengage more with our body, so we don’t need to feel or be present. For me, a daily practice of bodywork, that allows me to connect more with my body, is such an essential tool to help me stay present, grounded and connected to myself. It also really supports shifting emotional patterns, feelings and behaviours.

Healing Our Emotions

With this unstoppable health movement exploding across our lives today, a lot of focus is being put on how diet and lifestyle contributes to our health and well being. But what about our emotions? For me blocked emotions from our past and in our present contribute dramatically to our health and wellbeing issues. They affect our organs and body tissue physically and energetically and lead us to develop self-defeating habits, patterns and behaviours across diet, bodywork and how we live our lives.

I am a strong believer that changing someone’s diet or doing some exercise can only take us so far, but these things cannot and will not shift the self-defeating habits and patterns that effects how we live our lives. Usually it is these behaviours that led us to ill health in the first place. It certainly was that case for me.

For me, true empowered balanced health that will last and sustain us throughout our life, has to come from the inside out first. Change the inside and all the outside stuff generally begins to fall into place anyway!

We also need to connect with spirit. This one is not about religion. I am not religious in the slightest. If I were connected to any religion I would say it is Buddhism, which is more a way of life then anything else.

For me, changing from the inside out and deep healing can take a huge amount of trust, commitment and work that it isn’t always easy. I had to find a way to trust in something bigger, something else. Something other than me that was supporting me. For me that was my spiritual connection. This can be anything for anyone. It can be nature, animals, friendships, prayer, yoga or mediation.  Anything. Whatever works for you! Whatever it is, it is important you nurture it, just like any worthwhile relationship. Meditation, prayer and the ability to surrender things I cannot control, to a power greater than myself, is one of the most fundamental tools I use in my life. And one that I cherish and nourish daily.

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