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“Before working with Nicky, I felt stuck on old stories and patterns. I knew life was full of possibility but my head kept telling me I wasn’t good enough. Guided by Nicky, I am learning to nourish my body and my heart, and I am learning to feel. She creates a safe place to allow you to really see and accept yourself. My biggest lesson was that healing is not a quick fix, it takes consistency, determination, support, authenticity and love...Nicky brings all of this and so much more. She has helped me transform my life.”

– Sarah


For the past two decades I have been dedicated to my own healing journey. Willing to do whatever it took to rewrite the stories that defined me and release the old patterns and behaviours that were causing me harm. Throughout this process I have completely transformed the girl I once was—the drug addict, the bulimic, the overeater, the girl with zero self-worth or esteem, the girl who wasn’t going to make it to 30. Today I live fully in my power, and my vision and story is one of freedom, empowerment, love and abundance. I am living proof that anything is possible and transformation is available to us all.

Working with me as your coach will be the most loving and powerful investment you will make for yourself. I will help you break free of the self-destructive patterns and belief systems that no longer serve you and guide you through a process to heal the past and allow a new experience of who you are to unfold.

With 10 years deep training and expertise in Chinese Medicine, Energy Healing, Emotional Counselling, Trauma Regression Realignment and Transformational Practice, I work with mind, body, heart, soul and spirit. We will not only shift your beliefs and perceptions, but heal the emotional blocks, energy and flow that run throughout your sacred body.

Like the caterpillar that must dissolve in order to transform into its life’s purpose of becoming the butterfly, we will work together to release the past so you can reclaim your wings and step into who you were always meant to be.


I believe that every single one of us has immense power within—that we all have the ability to feel worthy, valuable, empowered, joyful and free. When we realign with these truths, we completely realign the flow of our lives. Vision and Leadership Coaching is about unlocking this unique potential that already exists within you.

Working one-to-one, I will help you transform your heart’s visions into the powerful and purposeful career you deserve. We will turn your dreams into actionable realities by focusing on the practicalities of building your business. We will work on standing in leadership as the powerful human being you are, shifting your story around being seen, and strengthening your money and abundance mindset. Most importantly, we will follow every single step of transformational work with definitive actions.

It is time for you to share your vision and purpose with the world. The people who need to work with you are waiting for you to show yourself.

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