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Imagine being able to finally dissolve all attachment to the story that has prevented you being your fullest whole self.

Imagine no longer needing it.
Imagine it losing all power over you. And then gaining all your power back!
Then what? Where do you go? Who do you become?

Well… You grow.
This is Maturation.

Maturation is a powerful process of transformation, evolution and growth.
Growing out of who you thought you were into who you were born to be.
A seed blooms into a flower.
A caterpillar becomes the butterfly.
Your old self unfurls into your fully empowered authentic self. Free of the past, alive, present, and connected.

It’s time to wake up, from merely surviving your life, overpowered and led by the story of your PASTS.


It is ONLY here where we can truly LISTEN TO LIFE.

“You cannot solve your problems from the same place that creates the problems. Our problems are not happening ‘out there’ and ‘to us’.  They are happening from us. Shifting the place in which we are coming from, opens up completely new possibilities we simply could not SEE before”

Nicky Clinch

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LISTENING TO LIFE is a 35-hour conversation for your body, heart and your mind offering a shift from knowing yourself as being someone with a life to knowing yourself as life itself expressed through being a someone.

The intention of the programme is “For you to outgrow who you think you are so that you’re able to live beyond your story”.

When we look in the mirror, we tend to believe that the someone we see there is who we are. But that reflection is merely an image. During the course of the day the world becomes our mirror and the reflection we see there is the self-image we carry with us embedded in the chatter of our mind. Once we identify with that image, we become the main character of a story and live out our lives within the plot lines of that narrative.

This programme is for those of you who have come to suspect, at least a little bit, that there might be more to this human adventure than merely searching endlessly for a happy end to the story.

It’s been said that the longest journey in the world is the distance from the head to the heart. While the head obviously refers to the mind, what is meant by the heart is not as clear. Some people think it means the more emotional, sentimental or empathic part of human nature often associated with the body. But others have called the heart the “seat of consciousness,” referring to something beyond either thought or emotion.

Maturation allows for entering the domain of the heart where body and mind are distinct but not separate and where living beyond the story is possible.



  Do you feel disconnected from your highest and most aligned self?

  Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns over and over again like living on a hamster wheel you don’t know how to get off?

  Do  you find yourself endlessly searching for the next right ‘thing’ that will finally be the answer, only to end up back where you were before?

  Do you struggle with the feeling that there is so much more to life than simply chasing a happy end to your story?

  Do you wonder who you would be if there were no limits and you had no fear?

If you hear yourself in these questions then this programme is for you. If it speaks to you to take action then make a stand to listen to your heart.

Dr David Norris

Dr David Norris

For the past 50 years David has been working with people to explore the boundaries of the stories humans construct for themselves to live in as well as the nature of the main characters of those stories with whom they identify.

The focus of his work is going beyond those boundaries to establish a freer relationship to one’s own identity and with it a more spacious sense of being alive.

David began his work life in the academic world of college teaching. He received a PhD. in English & Comparative Literature from Columbia University in New York and was on the faculty there and later on the faculty of The City College of New York. David loved teaching, but discovered that he didn’t want to do it at a University, and so over the last few decades has lead programmes with people all over the world from many different cultures. Underlying David’s work is a commitment to what he calls human maturation, which is based on the premise that human development doesn’t have to stop with what most experts call adulthood – having a stable personality, an ability to control emotional impulses and the capacity to function more or less rationally. Using distinction-based learning, we break free into a universe of consciousness beyond that.


Nicky Clinch

My name is Nicky Clinch

I am a world-renowned Maturation Coach, Integrative Counselor, Breathwork Facilitator and Author, and my calling is to remind as many of you as I can the possibilities of immense life and freedom that is already within you.

True healing requires feeling, and a willingness to take responsibility for ourselves and our story. This programme is here to show you the immense power that you already have and that you already are.

It is my life’s purpose to help as many women as I can reclaim their power, heal their self-worth, gain inner strength and trust. To become their most empowered, aligned and authentic selves. I want to invite you into this special opportunity to come together and heal.

Throughout this Listening to Life seminar, we’ll identify your core beliefs, determine the ego stories that have been contaminating your world, bring deep healing to the trauma that has been leading it all in order to create an opening for you to come home to your highest most aligned self.


Imagine if every day you woke up
with a greater sense of freedom & peace,
a knowing & trusting of your truth and
a deeper connection to life itself?


For you to outgrow who you think you are so that you’re able to live beyond your story.


  Heal and Dissolve old belief systems and ego stories that no longer serve you.

  Connect to the immense aliveness that is already within you.

  Gain confidence and clarity and trust, both in your own innate truth, and in listening too what life is calling for you.

  Deepening a greater more powerful level of awareness in what is moving within you, what you actually want, and how you wish you BE.

  Connect with and nurture your inner child and learn to give her exactly what she needs so that you can show up as your most authentic warrior woman self.

  Learn how to trust yourself and the timing of your life.

  Shift the identities you’ve held onto for so long that have been holding you back and learn to move into the next chapter of your life as your highest self.

  Experience a new sense of freedom from the noise within the mind and trust to the experiences of life that rise within you.


By completing Listening to Life you will also be eligible to apply for The Academy of Maturation Coaching: The Alchemy of Being. Join people from all over the world to be trained by myself and David to become a Certified Maturation Coach and Facilitator and to help others come home to who they truly are.


Listening to Life will take place over 2 weekends on Zoom.


October 23-25


October 30 – November 1

Each session will run from 5pm to 9.30pm on Friday and 10am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday (with breaks included).

There will also be an additional coaching session on the evening of Wednesday 28th October.

The schedule is as follows


Fri 23rd October – 5 pm-9.30 pm

Sat 24th October – 10 am-6 pm

Sun 25th October – 10 am-6 pm

Wed 28th October – 8 pm-10 pm
Coaching Session with Nicky


Fri 30th October – 5 pm-9.30 pm

Sat 31st October – 10 am-6 pm

Sun 1st November – 10 am-6 pm


“Maturation has to do with being able to penetrate the invisibility of our assumption as the way the world is and the way our life is. Making them visible enough so that we are not automatically driven by them. Which opens up a whole other possibility of freedom to one’s relationship to living.”
Nicky Clinch



By the end of the Listening to Life Program you will have a greater awareness of the story that has been dominating your life and colouring your  whole world keeping you stuck.

You will walk about with a renewed sense of aliveness, peace, freedom, stillness and limitless possibility to who they are beyond the story.

In addition to developing a deeper listening to what life’s vision has for them, you will also feel a huge sense of PEACE, FREEDOM, HEALING, LIBERATION, ALIVENESS, JOY.

“This life you are living will not last forever.
Now is the time to remember who you are.
You are not IN a life. You ARE life.”

Nicky Clinch

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Please Note:

For you to participate in Listening to Life you cannot have been hospitalised due to mental health issues in the last year or be taking any form of anti-depressant or mind-alerting medication.

You must have been clean from any recreational drugs for a minimum of 6 months and agree to not consume any alcohol for 1 week before the programme commences.

If you do not meet these criteria please do NOT apply from this programme. Please get in touch with Nicky directly if you would like to arrange a call to discuss your options – [email protected]

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