Are you ready to invest in yourself, your life, your visions, your dreams and most importantly your heart?

If your answer is yes then I look forward to working with you and to watching you transform.

I am a strong believer in consistent, regular shifting of energy to really break through those old entangled patterns and blocks that are holding you back in your life.  And so my recommendation is for these sessions to happen in just that manner – regularly and consistently.

This is by far the most powerful and effective way to bring on the kind of transformation that you really deserve. To live free and empowered in your life. If you are ready to commit to this process and fully invest in yourself please  contact me here to arrange your free 20min skype consultation with me.

A program to transform the way you are feeding and nourishing yourself and your life

  • Taking your health and wellbeing by the balls and taking full responsibility for it
  • Transforming your relationship to yourself and life coming from a whole holistic focus point: Diet, Lifestyle, Mindfulness, Emotional Balance and Self-Esteem

In our sessions I will offer:

  • A full diagnosis of the clients constitution and current health and wellbeing condition
  • A full dietary and nutritional plan that is personally fitting to your constitutiona and condition to fully support your natural authentic energy flow and all the work we are going to be doing ahead.
  • Deep emotional processes and release work to release old stuck and stagnated emotions in the body to enable more energy, power and a vitality and freedom
  • Transforming stuck patterns, negative belief systems, old memories, trauma and old stories that are holding you back by using multiple transformational techniques such as RMT, Regression Therapy
  • Creating new belief systems, memories and stories based on positive insight and empowered choice that you can begin to build your life as you dream it
  • Meditation and Breathwork techniques and practices
  • Re-building self-worth, self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust
  • Re-building a new set of belief systems and habits based on love, trust, positivity and self-worth.

After every session the client will get:

  • Detailed dietary guidance and recommendations plus recipe suggestions and resources to use to support their dietary changes.
  • Homeworks, exercises, tools and practices to take home and work on during the week until we see each other again
  • Bodywork, meditation and mindfulness practices to take home and work on between sessions.
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