the 8 week online Transformational Training
Over this 8 week journey you will reconnect to your authentic self, learn to love and honour yourself fully and reclaim your power back as the Warrior Woman I know has been within you all along.
Everything that you’ve been searching for is within you already. This is where your heart lies, this is where your truth lives and this is your home.

The Warrior Woman Homecoming Programme is for women who are ready to establish a truly empowered and authentic relationship with themselves and in all areas of their life.

I believe that every single woman in this world has a Warrior Woman power within them. The ability to know their worth, own their truth, trust themselves, love their bodies, connect to their vulnerability and live fully from their hearts.

Everything that you have been searching for IS within you right now and I have made it my passion and mission in life, to be the one to remind you this.

If this is something that you want?
Then I have created this programme just for you.

Welcome to your Warrior Woman Homecoming beautiful woman. Welcome Home.

What is the programme about?

The Warrior Woman Homecoming Programme is an 8 Week Transformational Training guiding you step by step Back Home to your most empowered, authentic and free self. Using a powerful three pillared transformational process, across Nourishment, Bodywork and Emotional Transformational Shifting, we will re-write the old self-defeating and limiting story that is holding you back, begin to break free of habits and beliefs that are no longer serving you, and welcome a new powerful stand for yourself based on worth, truth, love, empowerment and freedom into your life.

This programme is a deeply powerful and healing process that has the ability to change your life forever.

Each week will be focused on a specific area of yourself and life where you may have become disempowered. And with powerful videos content from Nicky, journaling tools, practices, meditations, transformational healing, inspirational podcasts, healing cooking, moving your body and self-love practices, together we will re-establish a solid foundation that you will stand tall on as the new empowered woman that you deserve to be.

Each week will be completed with a transformational LIVE COACHING Session with Nicky to help shift any blocks that may be standing in your way.

By completion, my promise to you is for you to feel more rooted, grounded, empowered, alive, free than ever before as you begin to take on your life in a new and beautiful way.

About me

Twenty years ago I was an active drug addict, alcoholic, bulimic, anorexic and emotional binger. I couldn’t hold down a job, had enormous debt and was riddled with low self-worth and low self-esteem.

Thankfully I do not live like this today and my life has become an incredible gift. I am a mother, wife, successful business owner, a transformation pioneer in my field and I am without a doubt doing what I was always meant to do in life.

The most common thing people ask me is how did I change so much over the past twenty years and I always answer in the same way. I haven’t changed.

I am merely more myself now then I’ve ever been in my whole life.

I am back home again….. in myself.   I found my Homecoming.

Everything in this program I have walked through myself to get to this place.

And It is my passion in life to guide and empower women in the very same way.

To feel at home in yourself, in your truth and in your power is truly a priceless gift and one I will be eternally grateful for.

And I know it can be the very same way for you.

Week by week

What you'll learn...

Week 1


Gain self-awareness of where you are right now and what has been getting in the way of your freedom and happiness. Awareness is always the first step to change and so we begin here.

Week 2


Learning how to listen to yourself and your needs and creating the ability to honour yourself with love and care.

Week 3


Learning how to BE with yourself, with your feelings and with the experiences that flow through you without escaping or running away. Showing up and becoming available for YOU and for LIFE.

Week 4


Building a loving respectful relationship with your own body. Healing wounds and learning to listen, honour and trust your body.

Week 5


Reclaiming your power and using your voice to express your truth. Learning to set clear loving boundaries for yourself so you can feel more free, empowered and strong in your life.

Week 6


Re-establishing your relationship with nourishment and how you need to be fed in all areas of your life. Cooking, body, heart, mind and soul. Slowing down and receiving love.

Week 7


Re-establishing the importance of who you are and the beautiful authentic qualities that make you YOU. Honouring, seeing and acknowledging your worth and becoming more compassionate with who you are.

Week 8


Connecting and voicing your truth, your dreams and what you want in your life. Seeing the limitless possibilities available to you as you find your wings and begin to fly free.

Each week

What you'll get

  • Weekly inspirational introductory video from Nicky
  • Weekly guided meditation or podcasts
  • Weekly activity workbook with journaling exercises, fun exercises and creative exercises 
  • Life-changing tools and practices to help you heal the past and create your expansive beautiful future
  • Recipes and cooking exercises to nourish from the inside and out
  • Bodywork exercises to deepen your relationship with your body
  • Readings, inspiring teachings and quotes
  • Ongoing community support from other empowered women just like you
  • Weekly live coaching with Nicky

Plus Extra Bonus Gifts

Bonus 1

Free membership to my private closed group Heart Warriors Community on Facebook.

And have access to my coaching, teachings and life-long support and community with like minded heart warrior women.

Bonus 2

Own the Warrior Woman Homecoming Programme Content FOR LIFE and come back and do the programme with me as many times as you like!!

Bonus 3

Access to my Full Meditation & Podcast Album to keep you connected, grounded and connected to your most empowered free self anytime you need, every day.

Becki Rabin
"Nicky is not only an inspiration to me, she is an inspirational voice in the wellness industry as a whole. Her passion to help women be their most authentic self shines through with everything she does. Her work in the industry is one of a kind and is exactly what women in this fast paced, disconnected world need. I couldn't recommend working with her any more. "
Becki Rabin, Founder of Alternatively Healthy Magazine & Wellness Coach
Lauren Armes
"Nicky's wisdom is what this new generation of wellness-seekers actually needs. She reminds us that beyond the external hype, chaos and madness of living our 'best lives' – is a greater peace and contentment that comes from going within. Nicky is the guide that we've all been looking for, and she's only just getting started."
Lauren Armes, Business Coach & Founder of Welltodo
Emine Rushton
"The best thing about Nicky? She makes complete and utter sense. She speaks from the heart and is innately spiritual but delivers her wise, woman- loving, nurturing message without hyperbole or heebie-jeebies lingo. She’s magical and yet grounded. Her work is powerful, important and necessary."
Emine Rushton, Director of Psychologies Magazine
Zoe Blaskey
"Nicky is an amazing teacher and coach. If you are struggling with anything in your life - Nicky can help. She has a rare gift of being able to guide you gently to the core of your blocks, and with tenderness and love helps you transform, she is the antithesis to the 'tough love' coaching that is so prevalent today. She really does live in heart. Whenever I am lucky enough to work with Nicky I feel held, heard and most importantly transformed. I highly recommend Nicky and her work - she is an exceptional woman."
Zoe Blaskey, Founder of Motherkind
Natali Stajcic
"Nicky is gentle and nurturing. Working with her is truly transformational; she has helped ‘put me back together’ during one of the toughest times in my life and I am now moving toward a more conscious way of living. I’m so grateful for all her life-changing guidance."
Natali Stajcic, Founder of The Pressery, Head of New Business Abel & Cole
Melissa Hemsley
"I love spending time with Nicky because she gets it. She's real, she's tough and she's gentle and wise. She's helped me open up a little more and I like that she encourages each one of us to go at our own pace."
Melissa Hemsley, Author, Food Writer and Partner in Hemsley & Hemsley
Cyan Turan
"Nicky radiates warmth and positive energy and her teaching methods are clear and so engaging. She’s taught me an entirely new approach to taking care of myself I'd never encountered. I truly believe so many could benefit from her teaching."
Cyan Turan, Feature Editory, Red Magazine
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Next programme begins

Monday 4th February

(completion 31st March)


Program will continue for 8 consecutive weeks.

All weekly content to be released on Mondays.

Weekly Live Coaching Session to be held with me at an agreed time.


Are you ready to invest in you and the rest of your life?



Single payment of £1524*
3 Monthly Payments of £508*

*prices inclusive of VAT


  • Extra Weekly One-to-One Coaching Session in intimate VIP Group with Nicky via Video Conference, where I will address your personal transformation with direct attention and support (only available during programme)
  • Additional support and direct access to me any time via email with any queries, questions or emotional needs (only available during programme)
  • One follow up One-to-One Coaching Session with VIP Group via Video Conference within 2 weeks of completion of the programme
  • One live weekly group coaching session through Facebook Live
  • Ownership of the full Homecoming Curriculum
  • Freedom to take part in the program again at anytime in the future
  • Over 50 Videos, Podcasts, Meditations and Recipes, to inspire, guide and nourish you for the rest of your LIFE
  • Free Membership of the Heart Warriors Community. Become part of a tribe of empowering, authentic, loving women, just like you!


Single payment of £595*
3 Monthly Payments of £199*

*prices inclusive of VAT


  • One live weekly group coaching session through Facebook Live
  • Ownership of the full Homecoming Curriculum
  • Freedom to take part in the program again at anytime in the future
  • Over 50 Videos, Podcasts, Meditations and Recipes, to inspire, guide and nourish you for the rest of your LIFE
  • Free Membership of the Heart Warriors Community. Become part of a tribe of empowering, authentic, loving women, just like you!
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What Nicky’s Warrior Women are saying...

It is hard to sum up the impact working with Nicky has had on my life The work has been the most healing work I have ever done. And when going through huge transformation it is so important to be able to fully trust and to feel 100% held and this is such a strength of Nicky’s. I’m so grateful to have done this work with Nicky.



Working with Nicky is mind blowing. It has taken me to a place of love & trust deep inside of me. Nicky has such wisdom and heart and is able to see people for who they really are. It’s been the most life changing experience & I will be forever grateful


I had been feeling generally stuck and without focus in my life, not knowing what I wanted or what real joy and happiness felt like anymore. Working with Nicky has helped me start the process of unravelling the obstacles that are in my way of living my true, authentic life. Forever grateful.


Nicky has a beautifully honest, nurturing and real soul. She has a power over words and movement that surpasses anyone else I have worked with, and she truly encourages me to search deep within my self to uncover my authentic being. On my journey, it is her voice telling me that ‘I am worthy’ that stays with me every day.


I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like working with Nicky. The most beautiful, transformational work, lead with so much grace and compassion. Working with Nicky has had a hugely profound affect on my life, she helped unlock some very deep-rooted fears that I’ve not been able to access previously. Her heart centred approach, and the way she supports you to feel safe in your own vulnerability is something to be truly grateful for. What a gift she is to everyone who works with her.


Nicky has created a safe, soothing and comfortable space for all of us to come together, share and grow. I am grateful to be part of such a special community of remarkable and strong women that inspire me to become a better version of myself every day. Thank you


I don’t know how to put into words what it’s like working with Nicky – magical, uplifting, life altering – I rediscovered the woman that I am and for the first time in YEARS, I actually like me – this would never have happened without the love and incredible support from Nicky. The magic that happens when working with her brings tears of joy and gratitude