Heart Warriors Community

The Heart Warriors Membership is everything you need to stay connected to an empowered, authentic and inspired way of life whilst being fully loved and supported in a community of like minded hearts. Enrollment to the Heart Warriors Membership will ensure that you no longer need to walk this path alone.  In all my years in recovery one of the most important factors that helped me was ensuring I had the support and connection of a safe, holding, like minded community of people to give me the courage to make the changes I needed.  This membership will offer you just that. Plus I’ll be guiding all of you each month to grow, heal and gain insight and awareness into what you really want in your life and how to make the changes you need.


Monthly Live Tutorials

Monthly live 90 minute group coaching sessions with Nicky to support and guide you on the monthly topic and mantra.

Monthly Meditation

Monthly live streamed meditation to meditate together in community and connected hearts.

Monthly focus/mantra

Monthly focus and topic with suggested tools, exercises and practices to encourage insight, growth and healing.


Access to an exclusive online community forum where you can connect and support each other.

VIP Extras

Exclusive FREE VIP gifts & bundles when you book on any other of my events (Including my upcoming online Transformational 8-Week Training Program)

Heart Warrior Circles

Live free events exclusively for Heart Warriors to connect and meet in person. (These will be live streamed for international members).

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