Luxury ‘Re-Awakening’ Spring Retreat

Luxury ‘Re-Awakening’ Spring Retreat

I feel like a huge shift has happened for me. An unearthing of something I cannot quite put into words and an energetic power feeling that is very very new to me. It was an honour to be in the presence of so much transformation. Such a special sacred weekend (Sarah, Retreat Participant)

Dartmoor has always been a deeply meaningful place for me. The land is full of so much energy and is so incredibly alive. I heard once that if you want to go through real, deep transformation then just spend some time on Dartmoor. And I can personally vouch that this is true.

For this Spring, Luxury ‘Re-Awakening’ Retreat we will be focusing on clearing our energy to unlock the immense, abundant and precious creative life force that lies within each and every one of us.  We will ‘Re-awaken’ the deepest parts of our self-expression so that we can feel more free to fully express ourselves in our life.

These 5 days are NOT TO BE MISSED!

Spent in incredible luxury at Puggiestone House right on Dartmoor, we will be able to lavish ourselves in some serious nourishment and care whilst working deeply on our transformation at the same time.

I do genuinely feel this retreat has transformed me. I feel a sense of release that I have never felt before. It just feels like something has shifted and I am a new improved, more important version of myself. I can’t thank you enough Nicky. (Anna, Retreat Participant)

Date: 2nd to 6th May 2018
Time: 6pm Wednesday to 4pm Sunday
Venue: Puggiestone House
Address: Dartmoor, Devon


Over these 5 days you will deeply unwind and unlock your full creative potential through our specially designed workshops, sharing circles, meditations, body work and guided walks. You will be be provided with truly nourishing macrobiotic food to help feed your body the nutrients it needs to help you through deep transformational breakthroughs.



  • Nurturing Transformational Life-Coaching Session with Nicky


  • Ground and Restore with Daily 90min Yoga Practice, suitable for all levels 


  • Deeply relax with our Daily Candlelit Yoga Nidra and Meditation Sessions in the Treehouse


  • Share in the Powerful and Moving Transformational Group Circles Led by Nicky 


  • Wild Swimming in Dartmoor Rivers – Led by Emma Cunis 


  • Sacred Women Ceremony at the Magical Scorhil Stone Circle (Weather Permitting)


  • Tune in with the Abundant Nature of Dartmoor with our Silent Meditative Walks – Led by Emma Cunis


  • Snuggle up on Movie Night with blankets, soft socks and delicious homemade treats and snacks 


  • Lots of Love, Friendship and Connection


  • Three Beautifully Nourishing Organic Meals a day prepared by our Private 100% Macrobiotic and Wholefood Chef, Anne-Louise Woolf
    Softening Desserts and Yummy Snacks as well!
    We are able to cater for intolerances and allergies but do please let us know at the time of booking.


  • 2 x Macrobiotic Cooking Classes to unlock our Creativity – with Nicky 


  • Wild Foraging Walk on Dartmoor – Led by Emma Cunis


  • Space and Time to Unwind in the Private Sauna and let the heat melt away your worries, sit or stroll in the beautiful grounds of the house, read a book undisturbed or whatever your heart is calling for.


  • Unplug for a few days with our Digital Detox – let go of the world outside and gift yourself this time for you.
    The communal spaces will be mobile-free areas to allow you to truly drop into you.

Detailed day to day schedule below x


  • Heated Swimming Pool
  • Private Sauna
  • Private Lawned Gardens
  • Private Woodland
  • Fish Pond
  • Lily Pond
  • River
In the craziness of life this was just the tonic to slow down and bring back perspective to my life. Not only do I mentally feel lighter, my body feels like it has had years taken off of it. The face glows for all the realease work that has taken place. It’s prescriptive and vital to our well being. It’s definately going to be part of my life moving forward. (Claudia, Retreat Participant)

Email me for more information and to reserve your place.

Only a few spaces remaining!

Retreat Schedule
Wednesday 2nd May
6pm – arrival and unpacking
Welcome Sharing Circle
Thursday 3rd May
Yoga Practice
Sharing Circle – Setting Context, Talking about creative expression, using our authentic voice
Wild Foraging Walk on Dartmoor, led by Emma Cunis
Cooking Class to re-awaken our creative expression
Group Circle – What is blocking our expression
Candle Light Meditation in the Tree House
Friday 4th May

Yoga Practice
Using our Voice Again and Moving Energy
Building trust in something bigger – Silent Walking Meditation
Free time and creative play
Sharing Circle
Cooking Class – To Nourish our Creative spirit
Movie Night in honour of our creative child

Saturday 5th May
Yoga Practice
Making a stand and self-celebration
Walk on Dartmoor to the River for Wild Swimming, led by Emma Cunis
Setting Intentions & Ceremony at Scorhill Circle
Candle light meditation in the tree house and chanting
Sunday 6th May
Yoga Practice
Freedom of expression and Standing Tall
Acknowledgments Ceremony
Closing Circle
4pm Goodbyes

N.B. Limited tickets available so please book quickly if you want to be there. All tickets are non-refundable. 



Disclaimer: There may be certain photo’s taken during the event to help further promote the importance of the work. Although I am always putting the confidentiality and protection of every guest at the forefront and priority.  If you do not wish yourself to feature in any photo’s please let me know. 

This was a very, magical, healing weekend. Nicky has a real gift in creating a loving, safe and nourishing environment so that transformative work can take place. With her guidance I was able to gain many insights into limiting beliefs and behaviours, develop a greater awareness of self and begin to truly listen to my heart. It felt like a true awakening! I finished the weekend feeling lighter and full of love and joy. Thank you, Nicky, from the bottom of my heart. (Claire, Retreat Participant)

Emma Cunis – Health & Life Coach and Nature-Connection Facilitator


Having transformed her own health and life, Emma feels passionately about sharing the same opportunity with others. Her empathic approach has helped empower clients and students to develop their own potential; intuitive abilities; and to resolve or lessen health issues. She is Counsellor and Cook at ‘Be In Your Element’ promoting a holistic system of self-healthcare and personal development based on macrobiotics; Teacher at the International Macrobiotic School (IMS) in Devon; and is Founder of ‘Dartmoor’s Daughter’ offering walks and nature-connection experiences.


Emma’s previous experience was in global businesses for 20 years in London, Sydney, Melbourne, New York and Hong Kong. Qualifications include MSc, BA Hons, Macrobiotic & Life Counsellor, Macrobiotic Specialist Cook & Healing Guide; and Hill & Moorland Leader (HML). She is a professional member of the Macrobiotic Association (MBA); British Mountaineering Council (BMC) and Mountain Training (MT). Emma is Freeman, City of London and Liveryman, Guild of Merchant Taylors.


Emma has been featured in Red Magazine, Prima Magazine, Good Housekeeping, The Western Morning News, Active Dartmoor, The Moorlander.

Annie Woolf – Macrobiotic & Wholefood Chef 


Having experienced the freedom that following a whole food macrobiotic diet alongside a commitment to self inquiry has given her, Annie is moved to share this with others. She is inspired by nourishing others and supporting them on their own transformational journey.


Annie has had a diverse and varied professional life but food and nourishing others has always been at the heart of who she is. In her early 20’s while studying homeopathy, she set up and ran a busy whole food shop in inner city Manchester. Later she managed cafes for Borders Books and had her own pop-up cafe in Totnes, Devon.


In her early 40’s, while studying Thai Yoga Massage she was introduced to macrobiotics and within a month of changing her diet the debilitating menstrual cramps which had plagued her life had ceased ‘menstruation became a time of celebration and connection which I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to experience before menopause kicked in!’ Other minor ailments also healed and Annie became intrigued by the connection between our health and the food we eat. She studied at the International Macrobiotic School in Devon, and became the head cook there for a number of years. She was one of the cooking teacher on the very popular Looking After Your Health course and also devised and facilitated on the Love Health Love Cooking course.


She took on further training under renowned wholefood and macrobiotic chef, Jean Torné, at the Concord Institute in Finsbury Park.


She has catered for many groups and large events and is currently working at a community café in Tottenham.

Melanie Ward – Shiatsu 


Melanie Ward is a qualified and experienced shiatsu practitioner who brings sensitivity, compassion and presence to her sessions. For almost 15 years, she has been using this powerful form of bodywork to help people connect with their bodies and emotions; transform physical and emotional pain; and connect with their inner wisdom or ‘knowing’. She decided to train as a shiatsu practitioner after having a series of sessions and feeling the profound changes in herself, in particular a sense of groundedness and feeling more at home in her body and the world. She gained her Diploma after completing the 3-year training with the Bristol School of Shiatsu, one of the longest established shiatsu schools in the UK. She has also completed post-graduate study with the school, and was a teaching assistant there for many years.

Her experience includes working as a shiatsu practitioner for charities Naomi House, a mother and baby home for women with a history of street sex work; and the Rosie Crane Trust for bereaved parents; as well as providing shiatsu for hundreds of people from all walks of life at retreat centres and music festivals.

Prior to developing her healing work, Melanie originally studied Fine Art, and after gaining a BA (hons) degree and MA, she spent a decade as a freelance artist working in education, where she worked with children, young people and adults, and found great joy in using her creativity to bring beauty into the world and helping others to do the same.

Melanie’s work with her clients is also supported by training in Transformational Dialogue and Body Focused Enquiry with Keith Phillips, qualifications in Shadow Work Coaching, and Acupressure Massage, NLP practitioner training, and her personal practice of 5Rhythms Dance, yoga and T’ai Chi/Qi Gong. She is a Member of the Professional Register of the Shiatsu Society, and abides by their codes of ethics and conduct.

Her website is:


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