Break Free of Your Past, Realize Your Power, And Live Beyond Your Story

The SURRENDER Bundle Will Help You:

  • Become free of the incessant noise of your mind and connect to a space of stillness and internal power
  • Embrace authenticity, self-love and freedom through letting go and dissolving obstacles preventing your personal growth
  • Welcome in your true nature and your beautiful, constantly growing mind, body, heart, soul and spirit
  • Learn to anchor and root back here in the present whilst releasing the grips your past may have on your life

Guided Meditation For Inner Strength And Deeper Connection

This meditation will guide you through a powerful process of filling up your Central Channel with vibrational life force and connect you deeply with the Heavens above and Earth below. It will help you feel a stronger sense of yourself and become more grounded, anchored and internally strong. It will also help you get clarity or insight on important things for yourself.

Value: £199

The Inner Child Meditation For Self-Compassion

So much of what leads to our continued pain, struggle and repeats of trauma is a fractured relationship with our own inner child. Past wounds can manifest as many destructive habits and patterns in our lives as adults. This meditation will guide you through a powerful process to face your inner child, see her/him, acknowledge her and offer her the compassion she/he deserves to receive, bringing on many many layers of deep deep healing.

Value: £199

Food For Your Transformation Recipe Ebook

Food For Your Transformation is one of a kind cook book that contains 162 delicious and nourishing recipes that will support your health, vitality & transformation from the inside and out. You don’t have to be a cooking expert in order to learn how to feed yourself at the highest frequency. You’ll find a plethora of macrobiotic easy-to-prepare snacks, meals, soups, desserts, and main courses specifically designed to create activations & energetic release from the body, heart & mind – including sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan solutions. What’s the point in doing all the emotional & mental transformational work if you’re not feeding your body in a way that’ll support it? With this ebook you’ll be good to go.

Value: £99

Guided Meditation to Heal The Heart

Experiencing pain and trauma creates a separation from our authentic heart space. As a form of surviving pain, we disengage from the heart and start living from the head, stuck in the past or future and disengaged from the present moment. This creates feelings of unfulfillment, misalignment, disconnection, anger, pain, loneliness, emptiness and fear. This meditation is to guide you through to help release pain in the heart and allow the heart to open and heal once more. 

Value: £199

Guided Meditation to Reconnect With Your Deep Inner Wisdom

Within each every one of us lives an innate aligned deep wisdom.  One that tells us clearly exactly what it is that our truest selves are longing for.  We ALWAYS know within us what it is that we need at any given moment, the answers are always there. The problem is that we have forgotten this and we have forgotten our ability to listen to ourselves, to trust ourselves because of the constant noise from our minds. In this meditation I will guide you and help you reconnect to that deep inner wisdom that has always been within you.

Value: £499

Breaking Free of Your Ego – 4 Part Masterclass

Most of us are living our lives identified with the programming of noise running around in our minds. The stories we were told and taught as children, from school, from society, from everywhere. But the noise in our minds is also not who we are. In this 4 part masterclass I will lead you through a process of breaking free from your own ego, so that you can become who you were born to be.

Part 1: How Stories Are Planted and How The Past is Living Your Present

Part 2: Getting to The Root of Repeated Patterns and Loops in Your Life

Part 3: Life Changing Regression Process to Break Free of The Past

Part 4: Letting Your Reality Shift Here and Now

Value: £4,999



About Nicky Clinch

Nicky Clinch is a Maturation Coach, an Integrative Holistic Counsellor, host of the Soul Surgery Podcast, and author of SURRENDER. She mentors people worldwide, leads transformational programmes and has featured in Vogue, Red, Grazia and Psychologies, among others. 

Nicky Clinch is your companion on the transformational path of surrender, providing empowering guidance as you clear the way for your true self to emerge. You’ll experience a maturation process of letting go, self-love and rebirth, so that you can grow, heal and transform–and really start living the life you were born to live.

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