Nourishment is So Much More Than Just the Food We Eat

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August 18, 2016

On Friday 16th September I am so excited to be leading an exclusive CHEFS TABLE SUPPER at Daylesford Farm Cookery School. Beginning with a welcome drink and canapés, the evening also involves sitting down to a four-course tasting menu cooked right in front of you by myself and the Daylesford Cookery School team.

I caught up with Daylesford recently to discuss what inspired me as a chef and why for me, nourishment is more than just the food we put onto our plates.  Here is an article I wrote for them:

I am so excited for my Chef’s Table Supper at Daylesford this September and in preparation I have started thinking about what is needed to ensure our guests are fully nourished on all levels. Because, even though the food will be absolutely delicious, using only the finest ingredients from the farm, for me, nourishment has always been about so much more then just food.

Here are some of my ideas on different forms of nourishment that every single one of us needs to feel fully nourished, fulfilled & balanced in our lives.


Every one of us has a need to be inspired and learn more. Our minds are just dying for more food for thought (pun intended, sorry).  This is such an important factor to feeling nourished and fulfilled in our lives. If we are trying to nourish ourselves with food when in fact we are bored, then we won’t really feel satisfied. Find something you’re interested in and feed your mind with something that inspires you.


Heart nourishment can be found in so many fun and enjoyable ways. Good friendships, connections with others, quality time with our

families. Doing fun playful activities that we absolutely love. And of course let’s not forget LOVE itself. Often I might give a student the homework to bring more playfulness into their lives because their heart needs some real nourishment. This helps us to feel so much more positive, happy and content in our lives.


I promise you this one is not about getting religious or turning into a hippy. But yes, food for the soul is really important. It simply means feeding the quiet parts of ourselves so that we can feel restored, replenished and more grounded. Being in nature, meditation, solitude, gardening, growing vegetables, cooking. If we start feeding ourselves with more soul food, I’ve noticed everything else tends to fall into place anyway.


Feeding our body with good quality, natural foods. Cooked and prepared with care. Organic, seasonal, and grown and produced with love. Just as nature intended. Our body is the gateway to our health and well-being and if we really are what we eat then lets nourish ourselves with only the good stuff! Because we are worth it don’t you think?


DATE: Friday 16th September

LOCATION: The Daylesford Cookery School, Daylesford near Kingham, Gloucestershire, GL56 0YG

TIMINGS: 7pm – 10pm

PRICE: £95 per person

BOOKING: Please see HERE for all online bookings, otherwise call the Cookery School on 01608 731620 to book book in over the phone.

  • Sweetcorn Soup with Smoked Paprika Powder
  • Rustic Autumn Roots, Lentil & Goats Cheese Salad with Green Apple & Chive Vinaigrett
  • Beetroot Quinoa, Scallops, Pea Shoots, Edible Flowers & Lemon Verbena Salsa Verde
  • Coconut & Rose Panna Cotta, Baked Figs with Salted Caramel Sauce, Crumbled Pistachios & Dried Rose Leaves
  • Rainbow Truffles: Hazelnut & Aduki Bean, Cashew & White Chocolate, Double Chocolate Blackbean

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