The Perfect Quinoa

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Preparation time: 20min


So many people ask me how I get my quinoa so fluffy and it really is so simple.  I do it the same way every single time and it’s foolproof! I promise.

And quinoa is such a nutritious and medicinal food.  All wholegrain’s are.  They help to balance out our blood sugar levels, keeping our energy, emotions and cravings more balanced and giving us long last, slow releasing energy boosts.

For more detailed information look out for my article on The Healing Power of Wholegrain’s which will be coming out with my new website upgrade very soon.  Watch this space.

The ratio of quinoa to water when cooking is always 1 part quinoa : 1.5 part water.

Good luck! And Enjoy x

(Serves 4)

  • 190g Quinoa
  • 470ml Water
  • A good pinch of Sea Salt


– Add quinoa, water and salt to a pot and bring to a boil
– As soon as it is boiling, transfer the pot to the smallest burner you have and turn down to the lowest possible heat
– With the lid on, leave to cook for exactly 15minutes
– After 15min, turn the heat off, DO NOT REMOVE THE LID! You want the quinoa to continue steaming. Leave for another 5-10min whilst you make the rest of your meal
– When you’re ready to eat, fluff it up with a fork and Voila! The Perfect Quinoa!

Follow these steps and you’ll get it right every single time! xxx


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