Rainbow Winter Salad with Mustard Maple Vinaigrette

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Preparation time: 10min

Cooking time: 15min-20min

SF, DF, GF, VG, Great for Kids

I absolutely love this salad.  Just looking at the beautiful colours, shapes and textures makes my heart feel full.  It is so incredibly simple to make but yet so utterly vibrant and delicious.

During these colder months, with so much heavier cooking going on and using richer more nourishing ingredients it is important to make sure that we don’t get too heavy and bogged down.  So getting our lightness and freshness from lightly cooked vegetables is key.

This can help us to feel more relaxed and allow our energy to flow more freely.


Love Nx

(Serves 5-6)

  • 300g Swede (Peeled & cut into 1 inch cubes)
  • 135g Kohlrabi (Peeled & cut into 1inch cubes)
  • 135g Carrots (Peeled & cut into diamonds)
  • 150g Radishes (Washed with ends cut off)
  • 150g Romanesco (Kept in whole trees with stems slightly shortened)
  • 20g Parsley


  • 2tbls Dijon Mustard
  • 60ml Extra Virgin Oil
  • 60ml Brown Rice or Cider Vinegar
  • 2tbls Rice Syrup or Maple Syrup
  • Pinch of Sea Salt
  • 2 Grinds of a Pepper Grinder


– Bring a medium pot of water to a rolling boil with a good pinch of sea salt in it.
– Once rolling add the swede and let it cook for 4min. Then take it out, plunge in a bowl of cold water, drain and leave aside in a large bowl
– Add the Kohlrabi and let it cook for 4min. Take it out with a strainer, plunging in a bowl of cold water then drain and add to the swede
– Continue cooking each vegetable separately for the amount of time listed below. Leave the kohlrabi to the end as it will make the water taste very strong
– Carrots – 3min
– Radishes – 3min
– Romanesco – 3min
– Once all veg are done then mix all the ingredients for the dressing in an empty glass jar or a bowl. It should be nice and creamy
– Then finely chop the parsley and add it to the salad and add the dressing and mix in really well

Voila! It’s ready. Enjoy x


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