Being In Heart, June: Unleashing the Joy, Light & Play Within Us

Be still and surrender to the softening of your beating heart. It is here that you will find your truth. It is here you will come home to the beauty that is YOU`` Nicky x

Our Heart is the gateway between us….AND EVERYTHING ELSE

It is through our heart space that determines how we experience the world and people around us.  If our heart is shut down then we will feel life as shut down.  If our heart is heavy then we will experience life in this same way.


When we start the journey of Being more in Heart, we begin the journey of learning how to ‘be with’ ourselves.  We learn how to feel what we feel, we learn how to welcome all that we need and we can learn how to give ourselves full permission to be whoever we are.  Only from this place of unconditional acceptance and permission to Be In Heart can we soften and relax and begin the healing process of letting our heart open again.


And when our hearts open…… so does our LIFE.

Date: Friday 22nd June 2018
Time: 6.45pm-10:30pm
Venue: 42 Acres
Address: 66 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4LW
Cost: £40

June Focus: Unleashing the Joy, Light & Play Within Us

Each one of us has the capacity to be light, playful and joyful. The true essence of the Heart Energy, our Fire Energy, is to shine light, to feel joy and to find the playfulness in each day. We all come into this world with a bright, joyful, playful young spirit and this is essentially the true nature of each and every one of us.

But when the heart experiences hurt, pain, sadness, grief, fear it blocks our fire energy from being able to flow freely. And therefore it blocks out the joy, light and playfulness within us.

June’s Being in Heart will be focused on finding the joy and the light and the play that lies within each and every one of us. We will play and dance and shine our light in all it’s beautiful magical glory. And we will witness and support each other in breaking into the light.

Remembering that this is our true nature. Our true essence. And the catalyst to the fiery passion that can and will light up our life.


Being in Heart is a fully immersive transformational workshop, where you will be guided in breaking free of what is blocking your heart, allowing you to come back home to the authentic heart space that is your authentic YOU. So you can begin to feel more free and available in your life and come from a space of authentic love.  Through many sensory tools, music, sound, movement and human stories we will begin to soften the holding of your hearts, enabling your heart energy to flow fully and freely. Together we will explore the journey of living fully as our authentic selves in our life, without the need to hide or run away. Becoming fully available to ourselves and others, allowing us to give and receive love fully. And softening into the very power, abundance, light and joy that lies within us.

As a Transformational Coach and Counsellor, I will teach you empowering tools and practices that will break through the blockages that stand in your heart’s way. We will work deeply and openly, with each other and within the group, experiencing the depths of human intimacy, love and unconditional acceptance. We will aim to transform the very belief systems you carry within you to ones that align with your authentic heart so you can begin to live your lives in love, peace and freedom to be the most joyous you.

Obviously in true Nicky style, I will make something yummy that will energetically open your heart.


N.B. Please wear comfortable clothing and eat dinner before you arrive. 

Disclaimer: There will be photo’s taken during the event to help further promote the importance of this work. Although we always put the confidentiality and protection of every guest at the forefront and priority.  If you do not wish yourself to feature in any photo’s please let us know.


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